Application for training


Application for training

Candidates for Cabin Crew (Flight attendant / Stewardess) are required to:

Be at least 18 years old;

Have an education - 4th grade of a gymnasium (Maturity certificate) or a diploma;

Speak English at level B2 or B1;

Have swimming skills;

For health reasons, meet the requirements of the medical commission LR TKA;

Have good communication skills, be able to work in a team;

Be at least 1.60 m tall and weight must be proportional to height;

Piercings and tattoos on exposed parts of the body are not encouraged, but some airlines allow them.

Not important:

The work of Cabin Crew is not the work of a model on the catwalk. Contrary to the ideas of most people, it does not require any special appearance or beauty. Each person is beautiful in his own way if he likes his work, if he is doing what he loves. Be more confident in your decisions!

Second myth: the job of a Cabin Crew is a woman's job, more suitable for young ladies. In fact, more and more men around the world are choosing this profession. Moreover, the first stewards (on ships) were men! In addition, for those who dream of becoming a pilot, the job of a Cabin Crew is the best starting point.

Don't think that Cabin Crew are some special people. These are girls and guys who, just like you, once made a decision and came to study with us, and now fly with different airlines around the world.

Another myth is age. Your life experience is your wealth! It's never too late to step out of your comfort zone and take a step towards your dream. If your health allows you, if you play sports, if you love yourself, go for it!

Don’t be afraid that you don’t know or can’t do something - you will learn everything you need to know and be able to do in our training center during the courses.

If you want to start your career as a Cabin Crew but are unsure whether you are suitable for the job, just call us on +37061261550. Sometimes people underestimate their potential and because of this they lose their chance in life. We will help you find yourself and reach a new level of life!



1. Special medical examination

Before starting training, we recommend that you undergo a medical examination. A Cabin Crew medical certificate is not required for training, but without it you will not receive a Cabin Crew Attestation. In addition, you will need it for your employment. Price: 360 euros, valid for 5 years.

Information can be found here:

While working as a Cabin Crew, you will have to undergo such a medical examination every 5 years (to renew your medical certificate).

2. Mandatory first aid courses

Before starting training, candidates must complete first aid courses (6 hours) and hygiene courses (6 hours) according to a program approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania. (Price about 25 euros). Information about courses can be found here:

Information about courses can be found here:

3. Initial Cabin Crew training

Send your CV to:  or call us +37061261550.

Course duration: 12 working days (96 hours, 8 hours per day).

  • Theoretical training takes place in the classroom for 11 days, students are given training materials (included in the course price);
  • Practical classes take place in the classroom, on a fire and smoke simulator, and in the swimming pool.

During practical classes the following are used:

  • Aircraft emergency equipment (fire extinguishers, oxygen equipment, smoke masks, seat belts, life jackets, etc.);
  • Special dummy for first aid training.

What certificates will you receive?

Upon completion of theoretical and practical training, candidates are issued a Certificate of Completion in the prescribed form.

Based on this Certificate, LR TKA issues a “Cabin Crew Attestation”.

By collaborating with various airlines, our training organization helps them select candidates for employment and also recommends our students.

Planned groups:

For information about planned groups, please contact +37061261550 or by email

„Safety first training“ is waiting for you!

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