CABIN CREW (Flight attendant / Stewardess) TRAINING IN LITHUANIA

Initial Cabin Crew training:

EU 290/2012 Part CC.

Cabin crew Type Conversion:

B737, B757/767, A319/320/321, A330, SAAB340, SAAB2000, Embraer 170/190, Embraer135/145, CRJ100/200, Dash 8 Q400.

Crew Resource Management (CRM):

For pilots and Cabin Crew.

Fire fighting and action in smoke environment:

For pilots and Cabin Crew.

Wet Drills and survival in water:

For pilots and Cabin Crew.

First Aid and Medical aspects:

For pilots and Cabin Crew.

Instructors’ training:

Train the Trainers

About Us

Safety First Training

We are working since 2013

I’m Indira Gladkova, founder and General Director of "Safety first training" – Cabin Crew training organization. Our company the first in Lithuania was approved to deliver Initial Cabin Crew training according to EU Nr.290/212 requirement. This regulation came into force in Lithuanian Republic on the 1st of February, 2014. According to its requirements, all Cabin Crew are required to undergo initial training before starting work for the airline. The training must be done in respect with the program approved by Authority. After graduation Cabin Crew Attestation will be issued by the Authority of Lithuanian Republic (TKA).

Our training programs are compiled in accordance with the requirements of the European Regulation EU Nr.290/212 and approved by the Authority of Lithuanian Republic (CAA / TKA). The issued Attestation is valid throughout the all countries of European Union.

I spend more than 30 years of my life in the air, and total my experience in the industry is more, than 40 years. My first company was “Aeroflot”, and later, in the beginning of 1990, I started working in “Lithuanian Airlines” with our first Boeing-737-200. I also had a great experience working in start up companies („Aurela“, „Amber Air“, „Avion Express“) as Cabin Crew instructor, Cabin Crew manager and Cabin Crew training manager.

I created my own Cabin Crew training school in 2013. It’s a big pleasure for me to share my huge experience with young people, who wants to start training in our school.

Our team consists of experienced Cabin Crew instructors, who are working in air companies and share with our trainees their knowledges.

We are waiting everybody who made a good choice – to become a part of aviation community. It means, that: you don't want to get bored in the office, you like travelling, you like communication and thinking out of the box, you are ready to make decisions and take care of others. Our training certificate – it’s your ticket into new life, full of adventures and new impressions.

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